Network as-a-Service

Enterprise-class wired and wireless networking solutions, managed through a single platform for optimal flexibility and scalability

NaaS combines the Juniper Mist platform with Xpertex’ leading-edge networking hardware, resulting in a unique IT service stack, with the flexibility, scalability, and resilience enterprise organisations demand inherent in the design. Juniper Mist is a Cloud-based, AI-driven networking platform that allows for the complete consolidation and management of all wired and wireless networks. With Mist as the foundation, our NaaS solution delivers:

The freedom to flex up and down as necessary, ensuring new sites can be fully operational as quickly as possible, while redundant infrastructure can be smoothly phased out, for immediate cost savings

Centralised access to network and security devices via the Juniper Mist platform, with no need to manage the physical hardware

With complete visibility of all networks, allowing IT to optimise the user experience across all sites through the Mist MSP dashboard

API-based automation, for streamlined deployment processes and high-speed troubleshooting

Consistent segmentation of wired and wireless networks, allowing for a universal security posture, supported by a range of next-gen cyber security solutions

A simple, transparent monthly fee, where you only pay for the exact network resources you consume, supporting the move to an OPEX financial model

Cut legacy expenses: With expertise and trust, we prevent technical debt, curbing perpetual costs that hinder growth and operations

Secure, high-quality networking is the foundation on which enterprise businesses grow and innovate. But in an increasingly complex, fast-moving digital landscape, organisations frequently require a level of flexibility and scalability that traditional networking models are unable to deliver, due to the expense and complexity of deployments.

Network as-a-Service from Xpertex offers a new way of deploying world-class wired and wireless networks, bringing together the best of wireless edge, LAN, and SD-WAN under the industry-leading Juniper Mist platform, delivered through Xpertex’ own managed hardware.

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Why Xpertex?

Xpertex is a UK leader in enterprise-class networking, and an Elite Juniper NAS partner. We combine this comprehensive technical knowledge with years of hands-on experience executing the most complex deployments for Government and defence organisations, where the very highest standards of cyber security must seamlessly co-exist with optimal performance, resilience, and availability. Our NaaS solution was created to streamline the process of deploying and managing these networks for the commercial sector, freeing IT teams to focus on business-critical activities, while our own experts ensure the highest standards of performance and security are maintained, 24/7.

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