Managed and Professional Services

Our Managed and Professional Services department comprises a varied team of technical subject matter experts who, when they work together, deliver much more than the sum of their parts.

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We have been delivering Cyber Security products and solutions before the term was invented. Working alongside Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) and our technology partners, Xpertex can apply its 15 years of knowledge and experience in the industry to enhance Cyber Security in the private and public sector by using the relevant technologies and applied methodologies.

These include:

The goals for IT service management can differ from one organisation to another. Our mid-market client’s goals have typically been:

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IT Support where and when you need it.

Once you’ve decided to adopt managed services, the next step is to determine where you need help. Our managed services have been grouped into two core offerings: infrastructure management and end-user support to make things easy. You can then customise the services that you wish to choose, with SLA response times and hours of coverage that match your operations.

These include:

Using Managed Services empowers any business to focus on the things that matter to them instead of everyday IT tasks or issues which hinder company performance. Things like business-critical tasks will bring growth and allow your company to flourish. Moving to Managed Services is not put in place to make your in-house IT team redundant. It’s about putting their skills to the best possible use. Instead of ‘firefighting’ IT problems, it allows them to be innovative and efficient.

What our clients say?

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