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Professional Services

We offer unique managed services which are trusted in the public and private sector due to our agile ways of working, technical experience, security clearances and ability to challenge large systems integrators.

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Growth through operational efficiencies

We have a proven track record of implementing agile process enhancements to drive efficiencies within business, this enables accelerated organic growth of the business and departments.

Decades of managing tech infrastructure free you from outdated worries, letting you prioritize critical missions with peace of mind

Technical enhancements

Decades of managing clients technical infrastructure process enables you to not worry about outdated infrastructure and frees up time for you to focus on critical mission objectives.

Reduce legacy costs

Through industry leading knowledge and trust we assist our clients and partners in cost savings and cost avoidance by making sure you do not incur any technical debt. Technical debt increases perpetual costs to your business, effecting your growth potential or ongoing running costs.

Empowering innovation: Transforming infrastructure management sparks fresh thinking, operational shifts, and cost-efficient innovation company-wide


We have led some of the most exciting partners and clients into innovating how they think about infrastructure management, changing how they think and operate not only innovates current processes but enables cost savings to then use for innovation across the whole business.

Cost savings

Our focus is on driving growth for your business. This can be directly with what we deliver from a technical offering or via enabling cost savings / avoidance. This therefore allows you to invest more in what matters the most to you.

Confidently provide managed services on-prem or remotely, with trusted staff ensuring secure delivery

On Prem and remotely delivered

We can be responsible for setting up a managed service or capability to your business provided to you in a manner that you have confidence in us in the same way as you’d have confidence in your team. Due to our security cleared staff we can be trusted to deliver your requirement at your main office or remotely via the cloud.

IT Support where and when you need it

Using Managed Services empowers any business to focus on the things that matter to them instead of everyday IT tasks or issues which hinder company performance. Factors such as business-critical tasks will bring growth and allow your company to flourish. Moving to Managed Services is not put in place to make your in-house IT team redundant. It’s about putting their skills to the best possible use.

Once you’ve decided to adopt managed services, the next step is to determine where you need help. We have assisted like-minded businesses and partners with support in:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Core Components
  • Change Management
  • Patch Management
  • Asset Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Contractual Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Security Management
  • Maintaining Standards & Compliance
  • End-User Support – Core Components
  • Problem Resolution
  • Incident Management
  • Third-party Escalation
  • Service Request Fulfilment
  • User Device Support
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