Xpertex Social Values


This statement outlines the Xpertex commitment to social values with the aim to continually improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of our staff, clients, suppliers and local community – particularly now we are coming out of Covid. Our approach and intentions in relation to social values are as follows.

  • Treat our clients and staff as we would like to be treated.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Embrace diversity.
  • Strive to do things better – continually.


Xpertex is committed to developing, supporting and sustaining a diverse workforce. It strives to create a working environment where everyone can to do their job, to the best of their ability, without having to face discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Investing in Skills:

Xpertex, and its parent company, provide the following training opportunities for its staff.

  • Career development, technical and non-technical training, as well as leadership programmes are available to managers helping them to develop their personal, professional and leadership skills.
  • Xpertex support young people’s career development using apprenticeships and training programmes.

Impact on society and the economy:

Xpertex is aiming to be net zero for emissions by 2030. We have acted to off-set carbon by moving to renewable energy, reducing paper and moving to the use of recycled products. We always aim to work with sustainable and ethical suppliers. Our services directly and indirectly support jobs across the UK economy through our expenditure on services. The company also makes annual contributions to various charities. A mental wellbeing charity called MIND is the current charity of choice. Our staff also regularly contribute towards Help the Hero’s and a local Foodbank charity. Xpertex has a Sustainability Policy and a “virtual” Green Team which is constantly driving new initiatives to improve the organisation and each employee to be more sustainably aware and better in the future.

Looking after people:

Xpertex has an Employee Assistance Programme available to all staff which provides access to advice, counselling and support. Workplace mental health is especially important to the company with information and advice issued on a regular basis. We give every employee a day off on their birthday and additional holiday allowances are in place to recognise length of service milestones. We conduct an annual staff survey which provides opportunity for any issues to be raised to the senior management. Processes exist where concerns can be raised without fear of negative consequences for the individual raising the concerns. Flexible working practises developed during the Covid pandemic are in place giving all staff the ability to work from home where possible. We are continuing to provide these flexible working practices post-pandemic. Flexible working hours are encouraged and were invaluable during the pandemic and enabled parents with school age children to home-school their children, and those with responsibilities to the elderly to provide the support they wish to give. Staff are also encouraged to volunteer to continue to volunteer in the community. Xpertex participated in a local initiative to offer IT equipment to under-privileged children in the local community allowing them to conduct their schooling from home. When staff started to return to the office, all sensible precautions have been maintained. A cycle to work and an electric car salary sacrifice scheme are also available to all employees.

Structured Training Programmes: 

As part of our commitment to the Government’s Apprenticeships Levy Programme, Xpertex actively works with registered apprenticeship companies to provide workplace experiences and upskilling opportunities to employees across a range of technical and non-technical subjects. Every year our parent company (Exponential-e) offers placements to students whose degrees would benefit from working in the workplace. Students are paid, which allows them to practice the theory learnt in the classroom in a real-world environment, while also supporting themselves financially. Exponential-e also runs a Sales Academy programme which creates new trainee sales roles for ambitious, industrious and aspirational people. No previous sales experience is required and the candidates come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. The Academy is a platform for young people looking to forge a career in sales, helping them to break into a competitive industry. This was launched in September 2008 and has continued in successive years.

Environment and Sustainabiilty

Xpertex is committed to continually improving our environmental performance and monitoring. In 2021, Xpertex started the process to gain the following two environmental ISO accreditations:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System

This is on top of our existing ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials PLUS accreditations.

Critical to our core operation is our IT infrastructure and Data Centre, which house our IT equipment, along with connectivity to our cloud Infrastructure. Xpertex recognises that energy efficient practices, and reducing our carbon footprint, are paramount in achieving our corporate sustainability goals.

Xpertex also works with its customers to help them reduce their carbon footprint where appropriate.

Tackling Inequality in the workforce: 

We are committed to equal pay for our workforce. To address our gender pay gap, we have several initiatives in place, to not only attract more talent, but to encourage a more balanced, and rewarding workplace.

  • Working with educational institutions to help attract more women into STEM focused roles.
  • We have a mentoring programme available for all, to encourage progression into senior roles.
  • Training is available to cover areas like Equality & Diversity, Unconscious Bias, etc.
  • We have established a Women’s Working Group who assist in supporting the attraction, retention and promotion of our female talent across the business.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy: 

Xpertex avoids unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, training opportunities, pay and benefits, discipline and selection for redundancy. Any decisions concerning employment, promotion and training will be based on objective, job-related criteria and merit. Disability and personal/home commitments will not form the basis of employment decisions except where absolutely reasonable and permissible within anti-discrimination law.

Xpertex monitors the ethnic, gender, age composition of our existing workforce as well as the number of people with disabilities within these groups and will consider and take any appropriate action to address any problems that may be identified by the monitoring process.

Identifying and Managing the Risks of Modern Slavery: 

We have a zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking and are committed to ensuring that neither appear in our supply chain or in any part of our business. Our supply chain comprises of suppliers who provide a range of products and services necessary for our business operations and critical to the provision of our professional services. Our Anti-slavery and human trafficking Policy (also available on our website) reflect our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships. This is enforced through contractual obligations and reviewed annually. As an organisation, we do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying. For our employees, we provide them with a formal platform to raise any concerns or complaints. Our employees also have access to a Whistle blowing Policy.

Training / Creating Awareness: 

All relevant employees receive training on ethical purchasing. From that training, employees gain a better understanding on the nature of any risks we may face as an organisation and assist the business in implementing supportive actions where necessary. Xpertex will continue to monitor its supply chain and will reassess policies annually to ensure that it is continuing to meet its organisational values.


Xpertex actively encourages all staff to volunteer within the community where they live. This currently includes a football club chairperson, a football coach, a rugby club sponsorship coordinator, a woodland trust volunteer and a foodbank distributor.

Supporting local community: 

On top of volunteering within the community, we also provide financial support to our local community by sponsoring a youth Rugby Club, we have sponsored a junior school fete every summer for the last 7 years, we regularly contribute towards the Help the Hero’s charity and a local Foodbank charity.