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Highly secure, resilient, and scalable wired and wireless networking, providing the foundation for tomorrow’s digital innovations

Xpertex offers leading-edge network solutions, utilising the highest quality hardware, proven, robust methodologies, and years of hands-on experience designing, installing, supporting, and developing networks for the Government and Defence sectors. Our managed network solutions are designed to serve as a crucial stepping-stone in organisations’ unique digital journeys, powering the convergence of IT and OT, the Internet of Things, and leading-edge ML and AI projects – even for organisations who are not ready to embrace full-scale Cloud-based network solutions.

Highly secure, resilient, and scalable wired and wireless networking, providing the foundation for tomorrow’s digital innovations

Even as more and more organisations embrace Cloud transformation and software-defined networking, traditional local and wide area networking remain the operational bedrock across many sectors. For example, Government and Defence organisations continue to depend on the unparalleled control and protection against the latest cyber security threats provided by isolated networks. Furthermore, even the most sophisticated Cloud platforms depend on a robust underlying network to deliver optimal performance and availability which requires a trusted supplier who acts independently and objectively and focuses predominantly on outcomes and effects.

With this in mind, modern networks must offer more than just resilient connectivity – they should enable organisations to deliver a consistently exceptional user experience, whether their services are located on-premises, in data centres, or in public and private Clouds. That’s why Xpertex not only maintains our customer networks, but works constantly to ensure they are ready to support the most demanding use cases, optimising their performance, availability, and security with the latest innovations in the field.

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Our Solutions

LAN/Campus Networks - corporate, retail, manufacturing or student use, modern networks

LAN/Campus Networks

Robust campus networks are the foundation of today’s interconnected user experiences. With the right network in place, customers are able to deploy the ‘smart’ technology solutions that are transforming the way their users interact with their services and each other. Whether the campus LAN is for corporate, retail, manufacturing or student use, modern networks can open up a range of opportunities to more effectively manage retail stock, or offer bespoke marketing, monitor daily footfall in the office, or enhance the student experience, before, during, and after each visit.

This provides enhanced security, increased efficiency, and heightened customer loyalty.

Data Centre Networks - enhance Cloud hosting services in world-class data centres

Data Centre Networks

Put simply, your Cloud is only as good as your network. That’s why Xpertex’ data centre networks support and enhance Cloud hosting services in world-class data centres, ensuring resources can be effortlessly provisioned whenever and wherever they are needed – all while maintaining the very highest standards of security and resilience. For customers whose security or operational requirements demand complete control of data centre assets, Xpertex help design, build, and maintain efficient, high-security data centre networks to support their private workloads.

Network Security

Xpertex has a rich network security pedigree and in 2023, was awarded the UK and International Juniper Partner of the Year for Connected Security in acknowledgement of our ongoing work in this area. Working with Juniper’s Connected Security framework, we design and deliver next-gen, holistic security ecosystems, providing administrators with complete control and visibility of the most sophisticated multi-Cloud environments – all under a single policy, from the endpoints to the edge.

Network Automation - By streamlining the deployment, configuration, and management processes, you are able to fully optimise your network’s performance and availability

Network Automation

When services must be ‘always on’, communications must be near-instantaneous, and organisations must maintain the highest level of agility, network automation is essential. By streamlining the deployment, configuration, and management processes, you are able to fully optimise your network’s performance and availability, while freeing your IT teams to focus on other business-critical tasks. Xpertex offers an intelligent range of network automation tools to ensure your networks can be optimised for the most demanding use cases.

Why Xpertex?

Xpertex has been building designing, building, and operating secure-by-design networks for customers in some of the most demanding sectors since 2006. And these remain the foundation of our services. Our Managed Services team’s distinct, specialist experience and expertise and our position as part of the Exponential-e Group allows us to take a holistic view of networking technology, intelligently integrating it with our wider solution portfolio and utilising cutting-edge technology in response to each customer’s unique goals.

As part of our wider mission to bring information security solutions that were previously reserved for Government and Defence organisations to the enterprise sector, our approach to all network deployments is to design and deliver solutions that actively support this journey, providing a rock-solid foundation for future innovation. To this end, we have established strong partnerships with a number of leaders in the networking field, working closely with them to utilise their technologies in ways that support our customers’ goals and help set new standards of networking best practice.

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