About Us

Our story

Established in 2006, Xpertex has built a reputation to deliver high quality, bespoke and innovative solutions that effortlessly answer all our client’s needs and are built to last.

We are a leader in the Cyber Security industry, bringing together a wealth of experience from the military, defence and intelligence organisations to field a team of leaders.

Through this experience, knowledge and expertise, we develop trusted relationships with our clients to execute our services to the highest quality every time.

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Xpertex - Experts in Design and Delivery assurance of high-impact level security information solutions.

Company Timeline

Xpertex was started by Joel Sweeney, director- May

Xpertex Incorporated - August

Pluto downgraded to dwarf planet
4 November: Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States.

Google Chrome is released.

Xpertex – partnered with Juniper

Xpertex – employ first 2 members of staff
Marcus Trott, joins as a Director and co-owner

The iPad is introduced

Instagram is launched
Raspberry Pi

London Olympics
14-nanometre computer chips are released

Marcus Naraidoo, Non-executive director
LinkedIn 117 Million compromised accounts

Xpertex Ltd (from Xpertex.co.uk Limited)
Xpertex – partnered with SonicWall
The COVID-19 pandemic spreads

The United Kingdom formally withdraws from the European Union

Xpertex - World Record art lesson
iPhone launch

Amazon Prime
The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is launched.

Google China hit by cyber attack
NASA launches spacecraft to visit Jupiter and Mars First Xpertex "blue-chip" customer engagement
NASA launches spacecraft to visit Jupiter and Mars

First Xpertex "blue-chip" customer engagement
Yahoo Data Breach
Apple releases Apple Watch
Xpertex - GCloud 9 Framework

NHS Cyber Attack
The COVID-19 pandemic begins in Wuhan, China

Xpertex - Data Center in a Box

Xpertex - DOS 4 Framework

Xpertex - GCloud 11 Framework
Xpertex - IR35

Xpertex – GSEC

Xpertex – Gcloud 12 - Framework

Xpertex – DOS 5 Framework

Xpertex proudly became part of Exponential-e Group

Our Values

We care about how we work, who we work with and what we do. Our values are enshrined in everything we deliver.


Throughout the growth of Xpertex, we have maintained our entrepreneurial mindset allowing us to develop our skills and understand the needs of our customers. Our ability to discuss and solve problems will enable us to exercise new ways of addressing challenges.

We actively encourage innovation. There are no bad ideas. We learn from failure.


Workplace values and ethics are established at the very core of the company. Our team has always had individual beliefs in doing things the right way and to the highest quality. Building a passionate team that values the time they dedicate to their work, ensuring everything they do fulfils the customer’s expectations.

These principles are not only focussed on work and the workplace. We value this planet and are passionate about delivering our sustainability targets and embedding sustainability as a cornerstone of what we do and how we do it.

People first

Regardless of the product or project, we’re focused on the people in our organisation and yours. Our team of emotionally intelligent and technically trained individuals guarantees our success and are empowered to build relationships with you, so together, we find the most suitable solutions for your business.


Our work and personal lives often overlap. The understanding of work/life balance is essential to a progressing company like Xpertex. We value the time our team spends working for us and ensure they are rewarded and encouraged, providing everything they do has an element of fun and fulfilment in it.

Our team

Lee Wade

CEO, Exponential-E

Joel Sweeney

CEO, Xpertex

Marcus Trott


Mukesh Bavisi

Managing Director

Marcus Naraidoo

Non-Executive Director

Darren Boyce

Finance Director


Xpertex provide consultancy advice and technology products on large scale commercial and government projects. We work with and alongside some of the leading corporations in this area to deliver world class solutions.

Our Services

What we deliver

Managed & Professional Services

Our Secure Projects department comprises a varied team of technical subject matter experts who, when they work together, deliver much more than the sum of their parts. With decades of experience in designing and supporting ‘Military grade’ IT systems, Xpertex uses the right consultants for each customer engagement, rapidly deploying sustainable technical managed services, delivering the highest standards of information and security. Secure Projects are predominantly Government based, but our systems and consultants are heavily relied upon by enterprises of all sizes.