Xpertex’ Cross Domain Solution, Xcalator™, transfers one-way data between organisations and systems operating at different security classifications (e.g., UNCLASSIFIED, OFFICIAL and SECRET) or trust environments (e.g., Internet and Corporate Systems).

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One-way transfer

Xcalator™, guaranteed one-way transfer, provides absolute separation between systems and prevents possible malicious or unintentional leakage of sensitive data. There is NO physical or optical return path for data communications, so NO attack vector is presented.

Several solutions within the Xcalator™ range support specific, different use cases:

Files – One-way, automated file level transfer over TFTP. Secures the supply chain by removing attack vectors.

Use case – import scanned image files from customer Dropbox

Documents -Enhanced security document gateway for transfer of PDF, Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and image formats. Prevents document-based malware.

Use case – import completed customer forms from unknown or untrusted sources.

Network Security – Syslog and PCAP file transfer

Use case – SOC as a Service or Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) or SCADA systems.

Browse Down – Management of distributed environments that provides total separation from corporate networks.

MSP’s – Access your Out of Band (OoB) networks from your desk!

Import and Export (Impex) with syntax verification, file wrapping and signature verification

Use case – import completed customer forms from the corporate website or Internet.

Sensor telemetry – IoT device metrics

Use case – manufacturing or industrial control systems.

Others in development include:

CCTV, Secure printing, Video streaming.

Benefits of using Xcalator™

Ease of Use

Doesn’t require particular expertise to operate and maintain

Simple Implementation

Easy to implement, fewer components

Reduce Costs

Cheaper than other solutions on the market, save money

Lower TCO

Rapid problem solution, reduced operational expenditure

Better Speed

Faster end-to-end delivery

More Efficient

Secure tasks are separated from the data transfer elements