Sustainability Policy Statement

“Putting sustainability at the heart of our business strategy”

At Xpertex, we believe we have a responsibility to put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy and throughout our operations and the services we provide to our customers. We recognise that our operations can greatly contribute to creating a more sustainable world for everyone to live in – for many generations to come. It is our leadership responsibility to both improve our own sustainability performance through the way we run our business and to influence others both in the workplace and in our home lives.

This will be achieved through the alignment of our strategic technology advice, designs, system implementations, asset life-cycle operations and services with our business strategy and plans.

Our sustainability principles include:

  • A society for our future — inspiring the next generation; investing in communities; developing sustainability knowledge and skills; and creating a healthy, safe and secure workplace.
  • An environment with a future — supporting a low carbon economy; demonstrating respect for the environment through resource efficiency and preventing pollution; and protecting and improving ecosystems.
  • A responsible business of the future — influencing and supporting sustainable economic growth with strong governance, integrity and accountability; being part of a global business while recognising the responsibility and the importance of providing local services without compromising future generation’s business needs.

We do this by:

  • Understanding our stakeholders’ expectations and requirements in relation to the environment, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Agenda 2030.
  • Understanding how Global Societal Megatrends will affect our business strategies globally, and locally contributing to and improving social value and community benefits.
  • Implementing business and project controls to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, contract and client requirements, including arrangements for crisis management and incidents.
  • Improving resource efficiency, including the use of water, energy (including transport-related energy usage) and raw materials.
  • Increasing awareness of climate change and improving the assessment of climate-related risks, including the development of appropriate mitigation measures.
  • Valuing diverse skills and contributions by improving diversity and equality.
  • Improving natural capital and increasing biodiversity.
  • Increasing the development of strategies which will be of benefit to human health and wellbeing.
  • Improving and assessing our environmental performance by investing in training, awareness, systems, tools and an assurance program.
  • Ensuring the suitability and effectiveness of our suppliers whilst monitoring their performance.
  • Monitoring our sustainability performance and progress against objectives and targets.
  • Adhering to Xpertex’s Health Safety and Environment, Quality and Risk Management governance documents.
  • Adhering to Xpertex’s Security and all related security and cyber security governance documents.
  • Adhering to Xpertex’s Integrity, Human Rights, Modern Slavery and all related governance documents.
  • Adhering to Xpertex’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion governance documents.

While the Executive Board of Xpertex is responsible for implementing and monitoring this Policy, all employees and persons working on our behalf must share these commitments. Everyone is empowered to speak up and act to ensure that these commitments are met.

Marcus Trott

29th April 2022