Secure your supply chain with ZeroTrustCloud™ (ZTC)

For organisations that need to regularly share sensitive data, either between cloud providers, or with 3rd parties, traditional VPN technology is no longer robust enough to stand up to current cyber threats. This presents a real problem; how do I know that my b2b connections are secure? The short answer is you don’t!

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Traditional VPN’s provide network connectivity between organisations (albeit protected by firewalls) that do not prevent attacks from traversing from one organisation to another. Whether your b2b connectivity is Cloud – Cloud, On-Prem – Cloud, or On-Prem – On-Prem, ZTC harnesses our Zero Trust Inspection Protocol (ZTIP) that uses multiple factors that provide high assurance b2b network connectivity to help prevent man-in-the-middle and man-on-the-side attacks.

ZTIP combined with our cloud-based Xcalator™ Cross-Domain technology means that ZeroTrustCloud™ is the only solution on the market today that can prevent malicious data infection originating from connected networks.

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