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Bespoke, high-security environments for Government and commercial projects, designed with the most stringent compliance requirements in mind

Winning, delivering, and retaining the most lucrative Government contracts depends on the ability to meet an increasingly complex range of requirements – many of which will require designated high-security IT environments.

Xpertex’s Secure Azure solutions provide Government-level security controls that allow enterprise organisations to successfully deliver these demanding public sector contracts, including:

  • Full integration of physical and digital security, with automatic application of staff’s security clearances and role-based access to data.
  • Leading-edge cyber security systems and processes, with micro and macro views of all data flows.
  • Creation of an Official-sensitive  Cloud platform, if required.
  • Sponsorship by a certifying Government department, to confirm the above measures have been executed to the required standard.
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How it works

Our Secure Azure solutions power List X environments – or Facility Security Clearances (FSC) – that enable commercial entities to transfer, store, and process data on behalf of Government organisations, and are a requirement for many such contracts. This involves the design of bespoke, fully integrated security ecosystems within designated areas of corporate infrastructure. These then serve as dedicated environments for all secure projects, with both the physical environments and the data stored within only accessible to individuals with the appropriate security clearances.

Why Xpertex?

Xpertex has a rich pedigree of delivering highly secure solutions for Government and Defence organisations, with a number of our own experts having obtained the security clearances needed to do so, operating in the most rigorously controlled environments. We draw directly on this experience throughout the design, delivery, and development of every Secure Azure platform, working closely with customers (and their certifying authorities) to ensure the resulting IT solution is fit for purpose, offering the highest standards of security, compliance, and resilience.

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In the UK, a List X Clearance, also known as a Facility Security Clearance (FSC), is a formal authorisation granted to a commercial organisation. This clearance allows the company to handle, store, and process sensitive Government data on its own premises.

Rigorous Security Assessment:
Government authorities conduct a thorough evaluation of your company’s physical and digital security measures. This includes aspects like access control systems, data encryption protocols, and staff security clearances.

  1. Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS): This is the foundation level, involving basic checks to ensure suitability for Government roles with minimal security risk.

  2. Counter Terrorist Check (CTC): This clearance focuses on identifying any potential links to terrorism and is often required for roles involving public safety or national security.

  3. Security Check (SC): Also known as “Security Clearance”, this level involves a more in-depth investigation into an individual’s background, finances, and character. It’s required for access to confidential Government information.

  4. Developed Vetting (DV): This enhanced check offers a more rigorous investigation compared to SC, suitable for roles with frequent access to highly sensitive or classified information.

  5. Enhanced Developed Vetting (eDV): The most stringent level, eDV involves an extremely thorough vetting process with a high level of scrutiny. It’s reserved for those requiring access to top-secret Government information. For organisations seeking high-security Cloud solutions to meet Government contract requirements, Xpertex Secure Azure can be a valuable tool. Our secure environments are designed to support the rigorous security standards mandated for these clearances.

Fort Knox-Level Security:
Expect a comprehensive evaluation of your physical and digital security infrastructure. This encompasses robust access control systems, advanced data encryption protocols, and secure storage facilities.

Watertight Compartments:
Designated secure zones within your facility become sanctuaries for classified data. These restricted areas are segregated from unclassified zones and implement rigorous access protocols.

Vetting with a Capital V:
All personnel handling classified information must possess the appropriate level of security clearance. This involves Government background checks to ensure trustworthiness.

Digital Fortresses:
Leading-edge cyber security measures become essential. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and constant monitoring to thwart cyberattacks and data breaches.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):
The principle of “least privilege” comes into play. Staff access to classified data is strictly limited based on their specific role and security clearance level.

Government Oversight:
A designated Government department acts as your sponsor, vouching for the adequacy of your security measures and ensuring ongoing compliance with the regulations.

Xpertex Secure Azure can be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of List X compliance. Our secure Cloud environments are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure, meeting the high standards demanded for Government contracts.

A List X environment or FSC allows commercial entities to handle Government data. Xpertex Secure Azure helps design and implement these environments within your infrastructure.

Xpertex Secure Azure provides bespoke, high-security Cloud environments designed for Government and commercial projects with strict compliance requirements.
  • Meet complex Government contract requirements with Government-level security controls.
  • Integrate physical and digital security with role-based access control.
  • Leverage leading-edge cyber security systems for comprehensive data protection.
  • Create an Official-sensitive  Cloud platform if required.
  • Gain sponsorship by a certifying Government department for approved security measures.
  • Full integration of physical and digital security.
  • Role-based access control based on security clearances.
  • Leading-edge cyber security systems and processes.
  • Creation of Official-sensitive Cloud platforms.
  • Government contracts requiring high-security data handling.
  • Commercial projects with strict compliance needs.
  • Any project requiring a bespoke, secure Cloud environment with integrated physical security.

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