Xpertex Research & Development team develops ‘Data Centre In A Box’ for easy and secure remote implementations

Xpertex Labs, the research & development team of UK based Cyber & Information Security specialist Xpertex, has developed the Data Centre In A Box (DCIAB).

DCIAB is a tough, rack mounted, hardware configuration with a distinct purpose. Housed in a mobile, heavy-duty, shock-resistant, racked flight-case, it is designed to be assembled and configured in a secure location, then shipped as a packaged deployment-ready solution, able to be swiftly installed at remote data centres world-wide. Operational implementation work required at the destination is quick, simple and kept to an absolute minimum. Scope for build error, missing parts, inconsistent architecture layout and high onsite installation costs are greatly reduced.

The first operational version of DCIAB has been built as an ultra-secure browsing solution on behalf of Cyber Security experts Garrison. As part its Garrison ULTRA® cloud platform, the solution uses hardware-based security technology to deliver ultra-secure browsing as a service to Garrison customers. Also, loaded and configured in-the-box are appropriate Juniper Networks hardware firewalls and switches to support end-user access to both the ultra-secure browsing solution, as well as linking to Garrison’s customer support centres.

Whilst several DCIAB units are being deployed to serve the operation of the Garrison ULTRA® cloud platform worldwide, the DCIAB platform is ideal for other hardware configurations that require the same secure build and efficient remote implementation approach.

About Xpertex

Formed in 2006, Xpertex has helped clients in defence, financial services, education, retail, central and local government deal with secure IT project delivery and highly complex cyber and information security challenges. Today, its core business are Cyber & Information Security, Secure Product Fulfilment, and Secure Government.

Technology and vendor agnostic, Xpertex efficiently provides information security services for organisations large and small, that are robust, flexible and effective. A security focus always starts with an organisation’s human factors, in other words, its people, culture and processes. The technology ‘fit’ comes as a result of this understanding.

Xpertex builds long term relationships with customers, acting as a trusted advisor.

About Garrison

Garrison was founded in 2014 by David Garfield and Henry Harrison, who set out to change our approach to cyber security.

With a wealth of experience from previous cyber businesses, they designed a product that eradicates the largest cyber risk to organisations and governments worldwide, that of web-borne threats such as malware, phishing attacks and drive-by downloads.

Garrison is pioneering a new technological paradigm in the field of cyber security – a system architecture known as hardsec. Instead of CPUs, hardsec uses lower-complexity (non-Turing- machine) digital logic to implement security, avoiding software’s weak point. By making use of FPGA silicon, hardsec can deliver rock hard security while maintaining the flexibility to address real-world cyber security problems in a cost-effective manner.


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