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Enterprise organisations across all sectors are increasingly forced to reconsider their technology infrastructure, driven by dramatic shifts in customer expectations, an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape, and the challenge of managing legacy systems with escalating costs.

While leading-edge IT solutions have been developed in response, many organisations struggle to access them, whether that is due to cost, red tape, requirements for customisation, or a lack of internal technical expertise.

We decided that had to change…

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Xpertex Enterprise Solutions team works closely with enterprise organisations across the commercial world to drive new innovations in direct response to their unique challenges – all delivered as full managed services, with support and professional services that complement internal expertise.

Working closely with our customers, we are driving a new breed of cyber security that supports growth, innovation, and service quality for all enterprise organisations.

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Our Technology Solutions for Enterprise Organisations

Ransomware remains an ongoing threat for organisations across all sectors, with attacks becoming more sophisticated and aggressive with each passing year. Ransomware Defender utilises highly secure, immutable backups to break the cyber criminals’ model, allowing critical data to be restored and infrastructure secured in the event of a successful attack, without needing to pay the ransom demand.

Storage is a growing concern for many enterprise organisations, who must retain extremely high-volume files in full compliance with all applicable regulations. S4 Object Storage is the answer, providing a highly secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution that enables the largest files to be securely stored for 70% less than the leading competitor.

In an increasingly hostile threat landscape, any downtime resulting from an attack will result in serious financial costs and reputational damage. Zerto offers a fully predictable Recovery Point Objective (RPO), to ensure critical infrastructure – including Cloud environments – can be restored in hours rather than months, via a fully automated server replication and recovery platform.

As part of the Exponential-e Group, Xpertex draws on a rich connectivity pedigree, having supported the development of the earliest SD-WAN solutions, and worked continuously to make this leading-edge performance and security available to enterprise organisations via bespoke, managed solutions, supported by our UK-based, 24 / 7 CSOC.

Why Xpertex?

The Xpertex Enterprise team draws on years of hands-on experience designing, deploying, and managing leading-edge technology across the most demanding sectors. They utilise this rare expertise to make solutions that would previously have been reserved for specific Government and military institutions available to all organisations who require this standard of security, performance, and availability.

Working closely with customers’ own teams, each project is truly unique, based on an in-depth analysis of goals, requirements, existing infrastructure, and sector-specific challenges.

Our approach is highly consultative and vendor-neutral, utilising our full range of technologies and methodologies to deliver the desired outcomes.

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