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For the last 15 years, Government-Grade, Crypto and Security Elements have only been available to the Government sector; however, we can apply them to commercial spaces. We are one of a very few companies who have the expertise to provide these services, and we do it to the highest standard.

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Our work is varied, and our capabilities range from configuring a firewall to designing and building data centre solutions. We have worked with brands such as Juniper, Dell, HPE, SonicWall, Palo Alto, Microsoft, VMWare and more, alongside helping to provide hardware to data centres worldwide. We have provided customers with the necessary information to keep them from secure from breaches, and the knowledge of what infrastructure they might need. We can also design environments for our clients’ needs, ensuring the results are efficient from the point of sale.

Our services include network equipment from:

Xpertex is trusted in the Government sector to the highest level, covering various industries. We wish to apply this trust to the civil sector with our Enterprise Solutions.

What our clients say?

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