A fresh approach to DevSecOps reenergises application development for a Government department

A government organization partners with Xpertex to deliver a fully managed application development service, resulting in a more agile and dynamic approach to application development.
About the customer

A Government entity, active at sites across the UK, utilising an evolving range of bespoke technology solutions to standardise the approach of continually enhancing (Dev), securing (Sec), and optimising (Ops) current and future application upgrades/implementations.


The Challenge

The customer’s singular technology requirements meant that they relied heavily on six on-site applications, some of which had been created in-house, while others were based on off-the-shelf solutions, tailored to suit specific goals. However, the growing complexity of these integrations, meant that an additional level of specialist expertise was required, in order to maintain the highest levels of performance, security, and availability. The decision was therefore made to connect with a new technology partner, who would be able to supply a dedicated team with both the required technical expertise, deep experience in application development, and proven experience in tailoring solutions for use by Government departments.

The customer had already established a strong working relationship with Xpertex throughout the design and execution of a number of previous technology projects. Building on this partnership, an internal pitch was put together, and Xpertex was selected as the customer’s new application development partner.


The Solution

Initially, three specialists from Xpertex assumed responsibility for the maintenance and development of the existing six applications. As the customer’s requirements have evolved, this has increased to thirteen full-time specialists – all possessing the appropriate security clearances – supporting more than twenty on-site applications at different locations across the country. 

Delivering a fully managed service, these specialists are deeply embedded across the customer’s day-to-day operation, managing every aspect of each application – from BAU work to out-of-hours emergency work, security enhancements and upscaling.

Xpertex’ flexibility and deep experience delivering complex projects for Government organisations has been critical to the success of this partnership, freeing the customer of the need to source specialist hardware and expertise. Combining established DevOps methodologies with a flexible, consultative approach has enabled a highly agile, dynamic approach to application development.

As the partnership continues to evolve, Xpertex’ specialists take part in the customer’s quarterly strategy meetings, allowing them to play an active role in the long-term product roadmap, particularly the ongoing journey to the Cloud. The lessons learned are increasingly forming a new IT model for Government organisations, allowing the same approach to be applied to future projects, transforming technology’s role in the delivery of key services to citizens across the UK.

Solution Benefits
  • DevSecOps best practice combined with a highly flexible, consultative approach, drawing on years of hands-on experience executing complex Government projects
  • A fully managed service, including long-term strategic support around Cloud transformation
  • Security-cleared specialists embedded at sites across the UK

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to explore how these principles can be applied to accelerate your own application development journey.

A fresh approach to DevSecOps reenergises application development for a Government department

Xpertex combined a fresh approach to DevSecOps best practice with deep experience in digital transformation for Government to optimise the application development process.

About the author

Picture of Joel Sweeney, CEO, Xpertex

Joel Sweeney, CEO, Xpertex

Joel has spent more than 35 years in the world of IT – with the majority of that time focused on networking – and was actively involved in the earliest days of what we now call ‘cyber’. Since founding Xpertex in 2006, he has channelled that multifaceted experience into a range of projects for customers on some of the highest security networks and systems – the systems that help maintain the UK’s security as the digital threat landscape evolves. He remains passionate about all aspects of cyber security, particularly the NCSC’s mission to make the UK the world’s safest place to live and work online.


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