Xpertex response to COVID-19, March 2020

A message to all of our customers, suppliers, friends and associates.

As a company we are following the UK government’s advice, and flexing to accommodate the public health measures that are being set. The company has now invoked our business continutiy approach to allow us to continue trading as normally as possible.

During this period of adaptation, there will be some inevitable challenges as we move to a pattern of remote working. As a company, our first responsibility is to our staff and their dependants, as such we are now operating ‘at reach’, with minimal activity occurring at our Welwyn Garden City (UK) headquarters. In practice, this means that many of our staff are currently working from home until further notice.

As a measure of reassurance, we have a business continuity policy and plan that has been developed over the last 2 years, that plan has now been invoked. Several scenarios have been tested previously and we have adopted lessons identified and lessons learned. As an ISO9000 and ISO27000 certified organisation, we have the tools, processes and experience amongst our management and operations teams to allow us to run ‘business as usual’ with mininal disruption to our customers. We are experienced enough to know that there will be some teething issues and that things may not always work as expected but we are also agile and sharp enough to ‘fail fast’ and adapt.

Where we provide services to customers that require site visits or specific localised working arrangements, we will always put the safety of our people first. For any such engagements or projects we will be liaising with you directly so that we can make pragmatic and balanced decisions. We trust that other organisations will be adopting a similar position and that common-sense and a sense of proportionality prevails. 

We wish all of our network, customers and suppliers well. Every day is a step nearer to returning to less constrained ways of working and to a society that has had time to reflect on world events and local impacts.

Simon Doyle

Welwyn Garden City, UK


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