Xpertex supports suicide prevention charity CALM

In these unprecedented and very uncertain times information security specialists Xpertex is proud to support the suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

CALM has just taken its own advice when struggling – which is to ask for help when it needs it.

Presently, CALM’s helpline staff are supporting more people than ever – taking more calls and answering more webchats. Last week alone saw a 37% climb in daily calls to CALM’s helpline. On average 50 suicides a month are now being directly prevented by CALM.

For the first time ever, CALM is appealing for direct donations. £8 is enough to fund one potentially life-saving call. Whatever your company or you can spare for the cause, it will make a difference and support as many people as possible through this difficult period.

Simon Doyle, Managing Director of Xpertex said: “CALM is a key charity that Xpertex supports as a company. When we heard of its unprecedented call for donations, we not only wanted to contribute but to also spread the word. CALM is pulling-out-all-the-stops presently to literally save lives of those finding themselves in crisis.” 

Below are tips based on CALM’s own advice to get you through this strange time:

– Switch off the news. Only check briefly at fixed times. It’s easy to get drawn in and become swamped with anxiety.

– Stay connected to friends and family. Social media platforms for comms really help with this aspect.

– Have a daily routine and sprinkle in a few ‘wins’ – tasks or activities – however simple, to gain control of your world.

– Let out your feelings. Know that it’s entirely normal to be anxious and virtually everyone is presently.

– Don’t bottle things up. If you’re struggling, talk to CALM. Whatever it is about, from financial to physical worries call CALM on 0800 58 58 58 or through webchat. CALM’s trained support workers are available from 5pm to midnight every day to provide practical support and advice, whatever you’re going through.

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About Xpertex

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