Ransomware Defender

A new breed of ransomware protection, helping you stay one step ahead of cyber criminals by ensuring infrastructure can be restored in days rather than months… without ever paying a ransom demand.

Ransomware remains a serious concern for enterprise-level organisations across all sectors, with cyber criminals and global nefarious actors utilising a range of increasingly insidious, aggressive methods to gain control of the most sensitive data. With attacks increasing in frequency, it is not enough to assume that existing cyber security ecosystems will prevent ransomware incidents. A new model for cyber security, disaster recovery, and ransomware protection is required – one that utilises the methodologies that have previously been reserved for Government and military organisations to deliver the very highest level of operational resilience.

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S4 Object Storage

"It's not if, it's when..."

Ransomware Defender was created to break this model by ensuring organisations can seamlessly restore a fully clean, uninfected infrastructure in days rather than months in the event of a breach. This way, infrastructure can be restored and data secured without the financial and reputational damage that will inevitably follow once a ransom demand has been paid.

How it works

Ransomware Defender is based on immutable backups, created using Write Once, Read Many (WORM) storage media
that is held in isolation from the corporate infrastructure in virtual environments via leading-edge airgap technology. With this new model of ransomware protection in place, critical data backups cannot be edited, deleted, or overwritten until they are required.

Air gapped, geographically diverse backups

with the main and immutable backup files stored in separate, fully isolated data centres, where they are only accessible to authorised users.

Streamlined ransomware recovery procedures

allowing operations to be resumed with minimal disruption in the event of a breach

A holistic, fully integrated approach

A holistic, fully integrated approach

eliminating the security risks associated with disparate systems, through the intelligent use of end-to-end encryption, data immutability, per-user access control, anomaly detection, and S4 Cloud storage

Why Xpertex?

Xpertex’ deep technical knowledge of the cyber security landscape and its ongoing evolution is complemented by years of experience as a trusted technology partner for leading organisations in the Government and CNI sectors. Our Enterprise Solutions team bring this knowledge and experience to the commercial sector, working closely with enterprise organisations to design, deploy, and manage bespoke solutions that help them maintain their edge no matter what challenges the cyber threat landscape and geopolitical climate presents.

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