Enterprise network solutions, delivered in bespoke combinations to achieve the highest standards of resilience, availability, and security

In our increasingly interconnected world, enterprise organisations’ underlying connectivity underpins everything they do. From effortless cross-site collaboration between teams, to seamless omnichannel communication with customers and secure interconnections between assets that power leading-edge IoT, big data and smart technology initiatives are relied upon now more than ever.

To this end, Xpertex offers an evolving connectivity portfolio – including leading-edge SD-WAN solutions and managed WiFi, that provides the foundation for more efficient workflows and service innovations – all fully integrated with existing infrastructure and security ecosystems and supported by our own networking experts, freeing internal teams to focus on business growth and exceptional service quality.

SD-WAN, LAN and WiFi Leading-edge performance and security.

An evolving portfolio of
enterprise-ready connectivity solutions

The Xpertex Enterprise Solutions team takes a consultative approach to designing and deploying the connectivity that underpins service excellence across the enterprise sector. This portfolio of connectivity solutions is powered by a self-owned, layer 2 enterprise network, for maximum resilience and availability, supported by robust SLAs.

Our solutions include:

An industry-leading SD-WAN solution

Delivering any-to-any, resilient connectivity, optimal control and scalability, reduced operational costs, and an accelerated path to the Cloud – all delivered as a fully manged service.

• Fully managed LAN and WiFi, managed through a single, centralised platform, with intelligent connectivity to optimise performance, and the highest standard of security inherent in the design.

Fully managed LAN & business WiFi

Managed through a single, centralised platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology builds upon intelligent connectivity to optimise performance and reliability, with the highest standard of security delivered through our secure-by-design blueprint.

Intent-based networking

Via the cutting-edge Juniper Astra platform, allowing the creation, customisation, and operation of data centre networks to be intelligently automated, with single-source-of-truth analytics allowing any issues to be quickly pinpointed and resolved, for optimal network resilience.

• 24/7 support from our own UK-based Network Operations Centre (NOC) to maximise uptime while minimising the burden on internal IT teams

24/7 support

From our own UK-based Network Operations Centre (NOC) to maximise uptime while minimising the burden on internal IT teams.

Why Xpertex?

As part of the Exponential-e Group, Xpertex combines a unique connectivity pedigree with deep knowledge and experience of Government and military organisations’ singular requirements around performance, availability, and security. The Exponential-e Group played an active role in the development of the earliest SD-WAN technology and was instrumental in bringing it into the commercial sector for the first time. At the same time, Xpertex draws on a long track record of successfully fulfilling highly complex, challenging projects across the most demanding sectors.

This means we are perfectly placed to offer a new model of enterprise-ready connectivity: one that optimises the availability of performance of critical applications and ensures there are no barriers to the flexible, dynamic workflows that modern enterprise organisations depend on each day.

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